Good girl


Good girl

Compared to others, I am quite a good girl. I took a puff of a cigarette in my life and thought it was so dirty that I never had to use it again like coffee.

I am also cautious with drinks since I like to keep control of my situation. Yes, a control freak who has only been tipsy and never drunk.

I don’t dare take drugs at all. I’m already psychotic of myself, let alone experimenting with resources. So I ignore that too.

I used to be too scared to look or cheat, so I didn’t do that either. And I still do my taxes well. The only thing I’m experimenting with is traveling. Give up everything to make that one journey in my life. I did, I’ll do it again.

I travel in journeys just like I do sports. Then I don’t know my limits and I do everything for that journey or that victory. Challenge yourself just to walk that meter. Canceling that house to save to be able to make that one fantastic trip.

And yes, this good girl is in trouble! Don’t stress home anymore, after that ultimate journey in an overwhelmed housing market. I always think, is it worth it? More than worth it when I think of all the trips I have made and walking tours. If I cancel my rent and then leave, I can travel as long as possible. Shall I go again?


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