Gathering information

Gathering information Algemeen

I have been gathering information about traveling and entrepreneurship on the road for almost 6 month now. I have talked to a lot of fulltime travelers online! They are really nice and very eager to help you with information or to tell you where to get it. Thanks to them I now own a favorites list in explorer with I don’t know how many links to check sometime soon and lots of documents to read sometime soon.  The important ones I already read and applied for the things needed.

New words

Besides getting to know a lot of travelers I also learned a lot of new words like wwoofing, digital nomads, wanderlust, etc.

Digital nomad

it’s cool to know there are more people out there doing what I am about to do. It is going to be an adventure and it will ask a lot of improvising from me. But it’s worth it, seeing lot of places and meeting new people. A dream come true. I have been living towards this moment for months and every month getting a step closer by arranging something.

It’s nearing

It’s funny I had months preparing and getting used to the idea, but most people although I told them months ago are now getting aroused. By asking questions I already been asking the other travelers for months : ‘Did you arrange this and that? How are you going to do that?’ 

Relax… I have been preparing for months and if I am not prepared for something I will have to deal with it on the road… Years of practice in life changes :-).

Revised blog may 2021, original written october 2013.

Dit blog bevat affiliate links. Dat betekent dat ik een klein bedrag verdien als jij een product bestelt via een van die links. Het kost jou geen extra geld en je helpt mij om mijn research naar nieuw materiaal voor WanderingGuiselaine te kunnen bekostigen. Dank je wel daarvoor! 

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