From Mondi to Ecofarm


From Mondi to Ecofarm

Mimi’s Ecofarm

Mimi’s Ecofarm is one of the many small private initiatives on Curaçao and can be found near Fuik, Curacao. It is a Mondi (local forest) turned into a natural farm. This Ecofarm works as naturally as possible. For example, they use fish to prevent mosquitoes. And nets over the baths to protect the fish from birds of prey. They also use water plants instead of filters to keep the water clean.

Organic eggs

The chickens and peacocks walk freely around the yard. So organic eggs are a fact and for sale. The geese and the duck have their own garden with a pond.


As a visitor you get a tour of the site along the animals and plants with explanations. It is also possible to fish for a fee, take a foot bath with Tilapia fish or organize a children’s party.

It is a great initiative and a good idea to develop this land ecologically and also to provide nature education for children in combination with fun. There is a true running track with obstacles for children.

So if you are looking for organic eggs, some fishing, water plants or garden plants visit them or just visit them and let them show you around. You can find them on Facebook.

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