Everything for that one sunrise!


Everything for that one sunrise!

Byron bay, Australia

There you are among all tourists who come to party or go to the hippie walhala of Australia. I have a very different goal than theirs, namely watching the sun rise at the most easterly point in Australia. Yes, I like sunrise and sunset. Especially when that happens in the sea. But I am a bit scared this time about where I am going. Nobody seems to be coming with the same goal as me! As soon as I arrive at my hostel I ask if I can book the sunrise excursion, unfortunately the first 2 are full. There goes my plan, stay here as short as possible and then flee to a less touristy place.

I have to wait almost a week to see the sunset at the lighthouse or to walk to the lighthouse a little more than 2 hours on my own at 4 o’clock in the morning. It will be the first one, because drunkards on my way back to the hostel I don’t want to come early in the morning on my own.

The week goes fast

It’s not that bad at first glance. You only suffer from partygoers when they come back and luckily there aren’t that many partygoers in my hostel house. More people who want to continue to live in Australia. Wonderful to talk with them about life and the choice to emigrate. They all have long-term goals, while my only goal is to travel as much as possible and set up a business at that time.


I even persuade a few to come and see the sunrise at the lighthouse. I spend the rest of the week chatting with my roommates, exploring the beach and nature reserve and watching surfers. And oh yes, we cook everything together that week! Enjoying it now!

The big moment

Then there is the big moment at half past three in the morning we leave with a small van towards the lighthouse. It is still cold and dark, but more than worth it! Never seen such a beautiful spectacle of a fire red ball slowly traveling out of the sea and the lighthouse light that keeps shooting between them. For a moment I even forget to take photos and movies, it is so beautiful.

Now years later

I think when the sun shines at this sunrise. Having breakfast at this sunrise on the beach and walking back through the beach! I’m glad I stayed in Byron bay to experience this! I hope to experience even more sunrise and sunset. So far I have Cascais, on the plane, Utrecht, Crete, Cuba and Eindhoven on my list.

High on my wish list is seeing the sun rise in one ocean in Panama city and set in the other!

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