Entrepreneur books


Entrepreneur books

Being an entrepreneur is totally different from being a loan worker. It’s a mindset. These books helped me and inspired me on my way to being an entrepreneur. They are also good read if you are not an entrepreneur or want to become one.

Eat, pray and love

The book Eat pray, and love is about a woman searching for three things she has been missing: pleasure, devotion and balance. She does this in Rome, India and Bali.

Pixar and Beyond

Pixar and beyond is about creativity, finance and choosing your own path in life.

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs, the biography about a genius who built Apple into an imperium. Also about his private life.

The tipping point

The book The tipping point is about how little things can make the difference in life.


Outliers is about the ‘strange’ people who did it in life. You see that being strange can be a good quality.

Winning ugle

The book Winning ugle is about how you can win the tennis game by using tricks. These lessons are lessons you can use in your life beyond tennis too.

The centenarian man who climbed out of the window

De honderjarige man die uit het raam klom is a funny book about how a 100 year old man just started walking and fall into all kind of adventours.

The monk who sold his Ferarri

The book The monk who sold his Ferarri is about life lessons you learn to be free and careless in life.

What is your dream

What is your dream? is about not only dreaming about a nice life, but reaching this dreams and doing them.

Long walk to freedom

The book Long walk to freedom is about how Mandela stayed sane being in prison and which lessons he learnt in there and how he used this in later life.

The Rat Race

You can choose between the book or movie both are good, but the movie very funny and good to laugh about our daily ratrace in life.

  • The ratrace

Creativity inc

The book Creativity inc is about how Pixar functions and how the creativity there is used. Your own creativity can be inspired by this book.

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