Power our dreams

Dreaming of a book

Power our dreams

Dreaming of a book


As long as I know Shantie, she wanted to write a novel.
We met at E-Quality (now
Atria) were she was doing an internship and I was working as a student-assistant. Over the years we kept in contact and every time we spoke: Shantie would tell she was working on her book. She wouldn’t tell what it was going to be about, just that she was working on it.


Last year the big news came that she found a publisher. At the beginning of this year, she told me the book was going to be published in fall. So I was very curious about the book and the minute it came out in October, I bought it to read. The book is as good as I hoped/thought it would be.


Sorry, Non Dutch speakers. The book is in Dutch only at the moment. It’s a pity because I think the book deserves a bigger audience dealing with an international history subject in a fiction setting. The book is called ‘Vervoering’, which means transport/rapture in English depending on how you translate it.

The story

The story tells us about four generations of Hindi people on three continents. How life was for them at that time. And how they try to accomplish their Dreams and how sometimes their Dreams and hopes are accomplished by their Children in their own way. We learn about the hardship of each generation with their own struggles. A must read!!


I am so happy for Shantie that she accomplished one of her dreams of writing a novel. It’s such an inspiration to keep on dreaming and trying to accomplish your own Dreams!

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