Curaçao vs Netherlands


Curaçao vs Netherlands

I lived both in Curaçao as the Netherlands. So, I am entitled to compare the two with each other.

Public transport

I love the Netherlands for its public transport. It’s good and on time, but too expensive. At bus stops there are signs with bus numbers on it and timetables with the schedule. Curaçao has stops, but no timetable at the stops. So, 1 point for the Netherlands.



The changing of seasons has something beautiful, but I dread the cold and all-day rain. It can sometimes rain all day in the Netherlands. On Curaçao it is almost every day the same weather, around 28 degrees and Sunny. And when it rains it is mostly not all day and the temperatures are still good. So, 1 point for Curaçao.

Going to neighboring countries

On Curaçao you have only one choice to leave the Island and that’s by flight or flight. In the Netherlands you can take a car to Belgium or so. Or the train to Germany or so. Another option is taking the bus to England or so. A bit further you can take the plane. 2-1 for the Netherlands.


Both have very beautiful nature, but very different from each other. In Holland you can see forest, meadow and moorland. And most of the time it is not faraway. On Curacao you have ‘mondi’, forest of mostly cacti. You have also the beautiful sea with its corals. So it’s a tie on this one.


I am biased on this one. Although you can get almost any fruit in Holland. Nothing beats picking fruits from your own garden. Especially if they are tropical fruits. Fruits from the garden taste better than fruits from the supermarket. Two points for Curaçao on tropical garden fruits.



Curaçao is a car Island. it’s accomodated for cars. There are a few places you can hike. The Netherlands although it’s flat you can hike almost everywhere in nature or the city. So one point for the hiking options in the Netherlands.

It seems like we have a tie. Each one has it’s pros and cons. What else can you compare for these two?


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