Coping with introversion & the need for loneness time


Coping with introversion & the need for loneness time

Hey Claudia, remember we started this blog with introducing ourselves as introverts? I think it’s time to blog about a challenge for me as an introvert.


I like talking to people and getting to know their background and knowing about their country, interacting with fellow travelers, wwoofers, workers, etc. But I also have a huge need for quietness and being by myself. The introvert in me has to rest and refuel her energy. Otherwise there are big health consequences for me! And that is hard when you are wwoofing, because some way I end up choosing all the time places which want to interact all the time after work. I just want to enjoy some reading, some computer time, some thinking and some time alone. What’s up with people wanting to interact all the time?


I guess its hostel time to get some ME time and getting healthy! Some beach walk, urban walk, bush walk. And work on my business without people asking all the time are you working when I am skyping with friends or sitting behind my computer. Isn’t spare time supposed to be time you do whatever you want without people mingling?

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