Changes, changes


Changes, changes

 ’If you have a dream, go for it’

Sometimes you dream and fantasize about all sorts of things, but you do not know how you can incorporate it into your life. But other times you really think; it’s been enough and book a ticket with a departure eight months later and think that that should be enough time to give yourself time to get used to the idea and sort things out.

And yes some action, make sure you actually come into action! I can tell you now from experience :-). With one week to go before my departure, I know a lot more about traveling entrepreneurs than eight months ago and I also know that the life of a traveling entrepreneur is also something that fits me right at this particular moment in my life.

Funny thing is that you think that something does not exist simply because you don’t know about it. But really everything in life has been done by someone. There are more people than you think that did it or are doing it. So I am not that special in what I am about to do. But everyone is doing it in her/his own way! The way that suits you best! My unique way! On the one hand it is very exciting to step into the unknown, but on the other hand it also feels super comfortable, because I’m just combining two things I like to do traveling and being an entrepreneur.

What am I about to do?

Going see the world with my laptop! First stop is in Australia with a short stopover of a few days in Singapore!

What will be the same?

I will still be doing analysis in SPSS, giving workshops and courses and building WordPress sites.

‘Follow your heart, and do what you like and not just follow the money’

What is going to be different?

I will be working from different places and learn to live life at a slower pace. You probably will see some pictures of me working on my laptop on the beach, in the park, in the forest, at a beautiful scenery, etc. Not to make you jealous, just to make sure you know everything is possible. Keep dreaming big and sometimes just try one of those dreams!

Follow your dreams!

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