Camino de Santiago, Why?


Camino de Santiago, Why?

Why I wanted to hike Camino de Santiago? I don’t really know the main reason anymore. It still has an appeal to me after walking it. However, I would take a different route.

Life on the Camino is so simple. All you have to think about is eating, drinking, walking and sleeping. You get into a rhythm of eating, walking, eating, walking, eating, sleeping, eating, walking, etc. This rhythm is so nice. You will walk, eat and sleep, back to the basics of human existence.

While walking you are talking, contemplating or looking around, so you are never bored. The real world seems to get further away the more you get into the rhythm of the Camino. The everyday worries of real life no longer exist.

The only thing not nice is walking in the outskirts of large cities, you walk along the main road where cars and trucks whiz past and you have to watch out. For the rest, it is nature and authentic villages that strike the clock.

The people you meet will always be remembered as a caricature of the character trait that has stayed with me the most.

I would love to walk Camino El Norte, sometime, sometime.

If you want to learn to hike more day paths, it is possible to follow a course with Wanda.

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