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Address book template With this template you can save all your adresses and phonenumbers of the people you know. There are a few benefits of having a Excel Address book above having it on paper: When somebody moves or changes phonenumber you can easily change it without making a mess in the Address book. If you save it in a place like dropbox, onedrive or googledrive you can Always use it on all your devices Read More
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Calculate in Excel
Do you know how to calculate in Excel? In this blog I explain how to calculate in Excel using symbols and formula. The calculating tools When calculating in Excel we use: = When we start in een cel in Excel with this symbol, Excel knows we are going to calculate. + When we use this symbol in Excel, Excel knows we are going to add up. – When we use this symbol in Excel, Excel Read More
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Excel sheet for dividing money
Since I work for myself I earn less, but it seems like I can do more. Not only do I have more time for fun things, there is also money for it. Earn less and do more I started to work more and more with the profit first idea. I already appeared to do it in part without knowing the term. I started making a budget for my company. At the time I knew what Read More
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2019 was over before I could blink. I hope 2020 last longer. What happend in 2019? And what am I looking forward to in 2020? Winning 5.000 euro for Stichting Verloren Jaren I am on the board of NGO Verloren Jaren (Lost Years). With this NGO we won 5.000 euro for the things we are doing with peersupport and working on combatting Stigma. From 3 websites to 1 website I had 3 website for each Read More
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Media Library
Add media to your website By media we mean image, photo, video and pdf in this case. These things can be added to your website in the same way, namely by adding media. Click on Media and then Add New. Click on select files. Choose the file you want to add to your website. Before you insert the file to a post or page. Be sure to check the right column is filled in and Read More
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New Post
Blog Blog, blog post, post: These are all terms we use when we talk about blogging. But what do we mean by this? A blog means that someone tells us different stories on a website frequently. But blog can also be a post. A post or post is one blog. Do you still get it? Doesn’t matter, just blog! Post message as a blog Go to Post in the WordPress dashboard. If you choose All Read More
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Add new
  For the websites I build in WordPress, I use the All-in-One Event Calendar by plugin to put an Agenda on the website. This plugin ensures that you can display your activities on the website. Below I describe how you can create an event and make it visible on your website. Events overview You can see Events in the Dashboard of WordPress. Click on All events to see all events that have already been Read More
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If you build a website in WordPress you need plugins to support that website. Plugins are small parts of a website that gives the website an extra function than only the theme would do. I recommend the following 10 free plugins for your website: 404page – your smart custom 404 error page With this plugin you can create a page where your website visitors come if they visit a non-existent page of your website. This Read More
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Create a page One of the first things you do in WordPress is creating pages to be able to display your web texts in them. Go to Pages in the dashboard of WordPress. If you choose All Pages there, you will see all the pages that were ever written by you or someone else on your website. Create a new page Select Add new to create a new page. Page content Specify the title of Read More
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To keep your WordPress site safe, it is essential that you update the plugins used in your website. Updating will prevent your website from being hacked. That does not mean that it can never be hacked, but it reduces the chance of being hacked. Where are the plugins? Go down the dashboard in the menu and you’ll see plugins somewhere half way on the page. Click on installed plugins to get an overview of all Read More
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Choose a theme

The design in WordPress is determined by the theme you choose. In this blog I discuss how you can choose a theme for your WordPress website based on attributes you find important. You can choose a theme if you click on Appearance in the Dashboard menu and then click Themes. Click on Add new Click on Feature filter and a menu of options opens. These options are feutures you can choose to have in your Read More
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Save menu
WordPress automatically creates a menu with your website. Usually in this menu the items are not arranged as you want them. In this blog I explain how you can create a menu with the items in the order you want them in the menu. Click on Appearance in the dashboard menu and then on Menu. Create menu in WordPress. In the next screen you will see the menu that WordPress has made for you. Give Read More
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Like in the real world the worldwide web is lacking space. The population growth has taken its biggest growth. The planet is too crowded, but with the wars, hackers, less people being born, the planet has a chance to survive compared to the web. A few years ago the first voices started screaming about to much domain names being claimed. At the moment we have a lack of space, mostly because people buy domain and Read More
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Workshop Making Graphs & the rules
With Google Analytics you can see how many visitors have been to your website and how they have walked through your website and much more. But often these figures are blurred because you have been 100 times on your website in a month. Something can be done about this by removing your IP address, so that you get graphs and tables in Google Analytics from your visitors without including yourself as a visitor. IP address Read More
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What is WordPress


What is WordPress

WordPress is a system to manage your website, blog or even webshop without having to know HTML or PHP Originally, WordPress is a free weblog software. It is currently the most used content management system (I explain later). It uses the PHP programming language. All files are stored in a MySQL database (I explain this later). WordPress is open source, which means that you can download it for free and work with it to customize Read More
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WordPress terms
Sometimes you think you are the only one who does not know the WordPress terms that are used. There are many and often people talk to each other without knowing what they mean. I have therefore drawn up a list with the most important terms and their meaning. Have fun reading and if you do not find a term in the list and want to know, put it at the bottom of this blog as Read More
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Digital diarrhea
There is so much online! We could spend our entire life searching online from birth till dead without doing anything else.  Having so much information online is a good and bad thing. Good because everybody can read up about a subject. So people can know more about the subject that interest them. But there is also a lot of crap online. This is where you have to decide when reading something online if it is Read More
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Post vs Page


Post vs Page

You often see people using a post when it is more convenient to create a page and vice versa. What is the difference? Post Post is used to share news or a blog. A post is automatically displayed by date on your post page by WordPress sorted by date with the last post first. A good example is this post that you are reading now. Page You create a page for standard texts about your Read More
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Design in WordPress
The design in WordPress is influenced by Theme (template) you choose and possibly the plugins you add. You can also adjust the theme with programming. The latter is not recommended if you do not know enough about coding. Theme There are a lot of themes in WordPress. So much so that if you start searching without having an idea of ​​how you want your website to show you get lost in the themes. There are Read More
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Wordcamp Europe
I have been eyeing the Wordcamp congress for years. I even subscribed to one years ago, but didn’t make it. But this year I was dedicated to go to a few. Wordcamp Utrecht My first Wordcamp was the one in Utrecht. I got to experience it and it was interesting. Lots of talks. So an overload of information. Wordcamp Rotterdam The one in Utrecht was good so I decided to go to another one, the Read More
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A WordPress site consists of: The CMS system WordPress. Themes: the design of your website. Plugins: later more about this. Widgets: similar to apps on your mobile, additions to your website. What are plugins? Pieces of software, written for WordPress and developed by third parties that you add to your website making it possible to add something to your website, for example a contact form. Are plugins safe? Plugins are a piece of software, so Read More
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Skyline Rotterdam
In 2009 I walked the Vierdaagse van Nijmegen (The Walk of the World), 4 days 40 km every day. Afterwards I said 40 km is too far and too tiring, never again. I stayed with this thought till the beginning of 2019. In the meantime I did a lot of walking, even the Camino de Santiago in 2016. I tapped the 35 km a number of times there, but remained below 40 km each day. Read More
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Dashboard Google Analytics
Google Analytics Google Analytics is one of the most used tools to keep track of which pages people visit, how they move through your website and how long they stay, among other things. This is possible once you place the Google Analytics code in your website. Dashboards You have installed Google Analytics and then? An enormous amount of analysis is possible in Google Analytics. You are overwhelmed by data in Google Analytics. How do you Read More
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Graffiti on the Berlin wall
I was for the second time in Berlin. Again for a conference, but also this time I managed to squeeze in some exploring time. These are the 7 things I noticed about Berlin. Train station The train station is free to wander. No gates like in Holland which you can’t open without a card with money on it. And it works, So why did NS choose to close everything? Homeless people Berlin has a lot Read More
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Flower tea
My next home will have a garden or a balcony on which I can cultivate edible plants. Besides that it is hard to move in Holland my knowledge of edible plants besides fruits and veggies is none excisting. So to do something about this I joined two workshops this spring. Wild picking On a grey Saterday I went to the Genneper parc in Eindhoven where Linda of natuurlijke verbinding gave a workshop about wild picking. Read More
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