Big Data

Big Data with Excel

Do you want to know more about Big Data? How to analyze Big Data with Excel? What you learn in the course? How it works? You will find all the answers below.

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During the online Big Data course you will learn what Big Data is, the ethics surrounding Big Data and how you can analyze Big data with Excel.

The e-course consists of 7 chapters with text, videos, assignments and additional information. So you can immediately practice with the learned theory material.

After following this course you will know what Big Data is and you can independently make simple Big Data analyzes in Excel.

The goal: To teach you the basics of Big Data.

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Why this e-course?

  • After this E-course you know what Big data is and what is not
  • You can make Big Data analyzesBig Data
  • You know what ethics you have to deal with around Big Data
  • The e-course can be followed at your own pace
  • Thorough teachers with knowledge and a lot of practical experience
  • Fun learning through assignments, videos and theory
  • Targeted learning about Big Data
  • It is also possible to have your homework checked by the two teachers
  • Ask questions to the teachers
  • Take an official exam with a diploma
  • If you do not take the exam but have your homework checked, you can get a certificate

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What do you get?

  • 3 Big Datayears of access to all 7 chapters with videos, texts and assignments
  • Knowledge of Big Data and how to analyze
  • At the end you can get started with a work position doing Big Data
  • Certificate or diploma depending on which variant you choose

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Content e-course

  1. Introduction of Big DataBig Data
  2. Storage and process regarding Big Data
  3. Decision tree and neural networks
  4. Clustering and linear regression
  5. Derive nearest neighbor technique and rules
  6. Sense and nonsense of Big Data
  7. Big Data Ethics

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The e-course will cost you 5 months at an average study pace. However, you can decide whether you learn faster or slower. You can send in homework up to 3 years after receiving your course (if you choose a course “+ Help teacher”).

You can follow this e-course in your own time, at your own pace, simply from behind your laptop or tablet. You learn through reading material, videos and assignments for each chapter.

Are you ready to get started with Big Data?

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