Basic Beginners

Basic Excel for beginners

The basic Excel for beginners workshops consist of the following subjects:

  • Save, open and print Excel files
  • Format Tab, Column, Row, and Cells
  • Layout of text and numbers in Excel
  • Calculate in Excel
  • Use formulas in Excel
  • Graphs
  • Select, filter, CSV files
  • Image: block, split and hide

The workshop Basic Excel for Beginners is an 1 on 1 workshop. You learn these subjects in about 2 hours.  A pdf booklet is included. This all costs 250 euro including VAT. E-mail me for more information or an appointment for the workshop.

If you have a group who wants to follow this workshop contact me for a special offer. Don’t forget to tell me of how many people the group consists, their level, and the location where you want the workshop.

I wrote some blogs about Excel feel free to read them or go back and see the other Excel options.