Guiselaine Capella

A traveling existence

Guiselaine Capella

A traveling existence

This article was published on the online platform Atria meet (Atria ontmoet) in Dutch!

Say you are going to continue your (working) life traveling for a while, then most people come up with dream images of traveling. In part this is indeed true – you go to exotic places and hopefully you enjoy the new environments – there are a number of essential differences:

  • As a digital nomad you work en route, so you are not constantly touring and lazing on the beach;
  • Because you travel for a longer period of time, your budget is smaller and you therefore have less luxury:
  • walking instead of taking a taxi, not eating out every day (unless that is cheaper than cooking yourself) and staying in cheaper accommodations;
  • You stay in a place longer so that you explore your environment at a slower pace and become a semi-local that is recognized in the store for example;
  • And yes indeed you are going – at least I will – live in a slower pace. No more working behind your laptop for ten hours a day, but a maximum of four hours. And do all the work that can be done without a laptop (thought, writing) without a laptop in special places such as botanical gardens and beaches. How does such a life feel
  • The short answer: generally delicious. You have freedom and enjoy life more, at least me. I also have the discipline to work when it is needed at beautiful locations.

You meet yourself

You also have to get along with yourself, since you are in your own company all the time. If you are traveling alone, if you are open to it, you will have contact with others and very nice conversations or a company to do something. It is important here that you use your intuition well and your brain, and if something doesn’t feel right, don’t do it. It is also important that if necessary, you take time to be alone. A lot happens on such a day and to keep it off of you / to process it is useful to keep a diary, because it is often not possible to talk to someone about decisions you have to make or to record events. discuss.

Who are those digital nomads?

Because there are more and more singles, you can see that more and more women are traveling alone, often mainly to “safe” countries for a short period. But increasingly they choose to travel further afield and for a longer period. The “location independent entrepreneur” or “digital nomad” is currently still a male affair, but more and more women are opting for this life.


Attracting customers is especially difficult in the beginning: how do you convince people that you are not on vacation and that you are actually working in paradise? In the beginning I made the mistake of sharing many photos of my environment and few work-related photos. So now I also share the somewhat boring pictures of me at work in the faraway places. And I use my blog and social media to regularly let you know that I have room for new assignments.

The benefits of this life

What gives such a life next to freedom and space to think is different for everyone. For me it is an internal introduction to myself and the opportunity to improve a number of things in my life. Could I also do this at home? Maybe and maybe not. I was already making changes to my life, but I think traveling is speeding up this process.


How long I keep traveling and where I end up is sometimes even a surprise to me. What I do know about my travels is that I follow fewer tourist paths and sometimes I stay in a certain place for a longer time. Places that I like, such as in Adelaide and Bali. It often starts to itch again to continue traveling. It is wise not to record too much in advance, which gives you the freedom to go or stay in one place.

Guiselaine Capella decided in November 2013 to spend her life traveling for a while. She has sold everything and now travels around the world with her business. Along the way, she enjoys the beautiful environments and the world, she recovers herself and she also makes WordPress websites for people, she gives workshops in Google Analytics, Hootsuite and Excel and she analyzes in SPSS.

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