A glimpse of a possible future


A glimpse of a possible future

Happy new Year to you too! This week I am going to tell you about a meeting which got to me!

In the Blue Mountains one of my roommates in the hostel was a woman about 70 years old. The minute she walked in I liked her. I recognized something of myself in her, but also the calmness she wore got to me. She was also a morning person so in the afternoon when I returned from my walks in the Blue Mountains she was there resting. That’s when I got to talk to her. We started talking about our walks, but soon it drifted to backpacking. We got into the habit of doing this for a few days.

I loved talking to her, because she didn’t impose her way of thinking on you or her view on the world. She just told you part of her story if you asked about things. She would share the nice things about backpacking, but also the downside of it.

She has been everywhere on the world in her younger years as a backpacker. And then started a family and backpacking got put in the fridge. But now as an elder woman she is backpacking again. This time not to get her curiosity about the world silent but to chat to people and enjoy life. A different one from when she was young.

It was very nice to see/talk to someone who is totally in peace with herself and her life. I hope to reach that to one day and get my restlessness within me stilled.

Thanks for crossing my path and sharing your story with me!

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